Lock Installation

When looking to install a new door lock, your first inclination may be to take a visit to your local hardware store and install it yourself. Although door locks are easy to use, they are not necessarily easy to install. By choosing a local locksmith at Golden Key Locksmith Inc to install your locks, you are saving yourself the time and hassle of choosing the best-fitted lock or installation kit for your individual needs. Not only will a professional locksmith result in less frustration, but it also assures that your home will be correctly safe and secure. Contact us today for more information.

Every lock is graded from basic security to heavy-duty security. They vary in terms of quality and resistance. When installing a new lock system for your home or business, the level of security should always be evaluated and taken into consideration. We are glad to help you in choosing the appropriate lock grade and will always recommend the best option with quality, security, and price in mind.

We install the following types of locks and more:


You may be familiar with a deadbolt lock as it is very common for most properties at their points of entrance. A deadbolt is much more difficult to break into than your standard doorknob lock and adds an extra level of security to your home or business. Our dedicated locksmiths can install a quality deadbolt lock efficiently and in a timely manner.


Similar to a standard deadbolt lock, a mortise deadlock requires a key to open and close the door on both sides. These are sturdy lock systems due to their mechanical makeup and construction


Technology has come a long way. There is a significant benefit to a keyless lock system as it doesn’t require a key. These locks also provide an added security in that they are much more difficult to be tampered. They do not have the same lock mechanisms as a traditional lock.


Many modern door locks have advanced features that come with them, making the installation process much more sophisticated. If the alignment of the locking mechanism isn’t done properly, it can compromise the efficiency of the lock system and cause additional wear and tear to your door. Our experts have the necessary tools and years of experience to make sure your property is safe and secure. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. They are always ready to provide a fast door lock installation service at competitive prices. Our technicians are professionals and take great pride in their work, and they can fit and install your new lock effortlessly.


Let Golden Key Locksmith Inc help you in safeguarding your property by installing the best quality locks on the market. Contact us today for a personalized estimate or for more information on our services. Call us at (212) 580-0066.